Boonville Hotel


simplicity by design

the what and why of the boonville hotel

at the boonville hotel, we have our own ideas about what makes a satisfying getaway. we pare down to the basics, then make those basics anything but.

throughout the hotel, we reject clutter for quality, offering a small number of choice options. we have a limited staff so we can compensate them better, making for a higher quality of service. we have a small menu so we can showcase the best ingredients on every plate. this is simplicity by design.

our luxuries are the light, the space, the landscape. amenities are thoughtfully selected with an eye on natural materials and ingredients, ecological impact, and the pleasure they provide.

while you’re here, we invite you to BE here. the rooms have no tv or phones, and internet service is unpredictable. this is a rural roadhouse, where we put our energy into clean, comfortable beds, fresh, expertly prepared food, and friendly, down-to-earth staff.

for guests who are used to a busier, fussier lodging experience, our style will be a change of pace. we suggest you give it a try. enjoy the bed, the food, the people. enjoy the garden and grounds, the town and surrounds. together these elements create a lodging experience you won’t find anywhere else.

what’s cooking? take a look at our menus or sign up for our infrequent emails.

the restaurant at The Boonville Hotel