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the hotel family


johnny, his siblings, and extended family are a creative bunch.

  from furniture and flowers to apples and architecture, the family engages in varied yet like-minded pursuits.

 boonville barn collective... what started as a way to produce a locally grown Basque chile powder has evolved into a venture focused on building community and growing great spices, heirloom italian dry beans, olive oil, and strawberries. 

 brass and blade… like the braided leather keychain attached to our room keys? brittany davis is the maker and at the helm of brass + blade; a one-woman shop where each hide is individually selected for quality and character, then hand cut and hand stitched into a one of a kind piece. 

carol austCarol Aust works in acrylics on canvas and wood panels from her studio in Oakland, California. Her figurative paintings are emotionally-charged narrative fragments infused with mysterious tension and secrecy. She often places her figures in precarious environments where anything could happen.

Sometimes celebratory, sometimes lonely and disturbing, her paintings express a wide range of human desire and yearning. Aust’s work consistently features strong and vibrant colors along with figures that are both engaging and vulnerable.

Through her own private study she has been influenced by artists such as Emil Nolde, Marc Chagall, Kathe Kollwitz, and the German Expressionists. Her work is represented in private collections throughout the United States.

 debey zito fine furniture & design… debey zito and terry schmitt have been creating original museum quality furniture in the european and asian arts and crafts traditions for over thirty years.

  farmhouse mercantile… from tablecloths to teapots, jewelry, paintings, and furniture, the mercantile in downtown boonville is a modern day general store where local and international flavors mix.

  gild the lilly… rita bates creates hand crafted mineral and metal work. each design has a unique personality.

 home index… created by melissa schmitt in napa, poor house offers an abundance of artisan items for garden and home. from tabletop to linens to lamps, rugs, and furniture, the shop is filled with beautifully crafted one-of-a-kind items you won’t find elsewhere.

 mackenzie primack… the illustrator / artist behind the depictions of the boonville hotel, it's delights, and this website. when not working for the hotel she paints her joys in spurts here and there while traveling the world. 

 paysanne… created by Melinda Ellis and Operated by the youth of Anderson valley, pastries by joansey

 philo apple farm … tim and karen bates grow over 80 varieties of apples on 30 acres in anderson valley, offer cooking classes and run a small b&b.

 schmitt and company… eric and melissa schmitt formalized schmitt & company in 2000 after nearly 20 years of custom building in the napa valley. in addition to offering the highest quality construction, schmitt & company offers custom concrete-and-steel fabrication (formerly through the company fabrication) as well as interior design expertise (formerly furnishings for friends) in house, making it easier than ever to add the one-of-a-kind details that transform and complete your space.

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