Boonville Hotel

this week’s menu

thursday 10.12
Rita’s mixed mustard greens… boonville hotel winter squash agnolotti, browned butter & walnut cicada
braised Wentworth Ranch brisket…herbed apple farm potato & philo golds, radicchio slaw & pomegranate
buttermilk panna cotta… bucket ranch strawberries & chocolate dipped walnut shortbread

friday 10.13
la quercia prosciutto plate…
fried almonds, black mission figs, lime, mint & toasts
alma tera mixed greens… apple balsamic vinaigrette, philo golds, lychee, chive & baked quinoa
broiled sake marinated sea bass… shrimp dumplings, shiitake broth, toasted sesame & cilantro
coconut creme tart…  mango sauce & sweet cream


saturday 10.14
hand cut spaghetti… chili de arbor, thyme, rosemary, pecorino & baked kale
grilled caesar salad…  garlic croutons, italian parsley & reggiano
braised liberty duck leg mole… baked polenta, poblano chili, pickled ground cherry & oregano
Mexican chocolate flan… kale & biscochitos

sunday 10.15
small plates
savory apple tart…
 caramelized leeks, crumbled blue & thyme
Serrano ham… lime, mint & maldon salt
roasted vegetable bisque… nutmeg cream & gremolada
smoked trout… pickled cauliflower, red onion & toasts

butter lettuce salad… mustard tarragon vinaigrette, lychee & savory bread crumbs
paella valencia… pork shoulder, chorizo, chicken thigh, prawns, mussels, clams, tomato soffrito, saffron aioli & green beans
willie’s apple crisp… ice cream & cider sauce


monday 10.16
hiro’s radicchio salad… 
mustard balsamic vinaigrette & reggiano
grilled rib-eye for two… black mission figs, crumbled blue cheese & chimichuri
pumpkin caramel trifle… spice cake & creme fraiche

Table 128 is serving our family style prix fixe dinners Thursday-Monday evenings. We cook by reservation, so please give us a call if you would like us to save you a table.

* all menus subject to evolution

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Table 128, the restaurant at The Boonville Hotel

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