During the warmer months, we are serving our prix fixe dinners in the courtyard Thursday through Monday evenings. During the cooler months we serve in the dining room or guest rooms. You can book online here for dinner reservations or call us at 707.895.2210


Perry posts the menu Wednesday afternoon on our website for the upcoming weekend.


The restaurant is closed Thanksgiving Day, December 13-25th 2022 and Easter Sunday. December through March the restaurant is closed Thursday evenings.

our  wine list  focuses on local with a few far flung wines. corkage is 25 dollars

 call us to reserve

raddichio bettercolor.jpg

Perry is at the helm,

leading the kitchen and ready to tackle 

the next 30 years


we've cooked it down to the essence

wonderful heart felt meals

in a beautiful setting with friends


our incredible garden is the basis for the menus

good friends, family,

and local purveyors inform the rest 


it's our life project. we're constantly evolving,   building,  and creating

we're inspired by things we love

it’s gratifying to try something new and

watch it grow 

little bits to consider…

a collection of families run the boonville hotel and you will usually see one or more of ours

   we look forward to meeting yours

there is 20% service added to all restaurant transactions to provide a living wage to our crew year round

no additional tips required or expected

for parties of five or more, seats are purchased at time of reservation.