while you’re here, we invite you to BE here.


this is a rural roadhouse, where we put our energy into comfortable beds,  simply prepared food, staffed by a friendly easy going crew.  the rooms have good wifi but are pleasantly devoid of other modern distractions.


for guests who are used to a busy, fussier lodging experience, the hotel is a welcome change of pace


relax & enjoy the things around you...together these elements give you a sense of the community we love

"simplicity by design"

we have our own ideas about what makes a satisfying getaway

we pare down to the basics, then make those basics anything but

throughout the hotel, we reject clutter for quality, offering a small number of choice options

we have a limited staff so we can compensate them better, making for a higher quality of service

we have a small menu so we can showcase the best ingredients on every plate

our luxuries are the light, the space, the landscape.

amenities are thoughtfully selected with an eye on natural  

materials and ingredients, ecological impact, and the pleasure they provide


interested in a bit more... get to know 

who's who and how we came to be

take a look at our                              doing their part to make 

the world a bit more beautiful every day