Boonville Hotel


apples are falling from the trees

thursday 9.18
cast iron chicken thigh & pozole verde, tomatillo, poblano chili, pepitas, cilantro & red cabbage slaw

friday 9.19
closed to a private party

saturday 9.20
grilled rib-eye for two, rivin farm black mission figs, elle's cave aged blue cheese & chimichurri

sunday 9.21
fresh shucked oysters & pipperade paella on the fire in the courtyard

monday 9.22
slow roast pork, farro grain, carrot, fennel, braised greens & black olive tapenade

the season is beginning to change… the garden is laden with tomatoes, sunflowers bursting all around & the sun is beginning to sit not so high in the sky, come by & join us for the ride.

we’re serving our normal prix fixe family style dinners thursday, friday, saturday & monday nights… plus mixing it up a bit with oysters & paella on sundays… and a la carte small plates on tuesdays and wednesdays