Boonville Hotel


apples are falling from the trees

thursday 8.28
tony's slow roast lamb & ratatouille... summer veggies, cumin yogurt & basil

friday 8.29
local fish "a la plancha"... caramelized leek, blistered cherry tomato, summer corn risotto & feta salsa verde

saturday 8.30
grilled rib eye for two... roasted potato, crumbled blue cheese, figs & chimichurri

sunday 8.31
fresh shucked oysters & paella in the courtyard on the fire

monday 9.1
roast chicken panzanella... local heirloom & cherry tomatoes, crumbled goat cheese & basil garlic crouton

summer’s happening around us… the hills are golden and the river is cool… come by & watch it happen

we’re serving our normal prix fixe family style dinners thursday, friday, saturday & monday nights… plus mixing it up a bit with oysters & paella on sundays… and a la carte small plates on tuesdays and wednesdays