Boonville Hotel

abundance of daffodils, plum blossoms & quince flowers

friday 2.23
bar plates available 4:30-6:30

brennon’s chicken roti, hand cut noodles, braised rapini, piment d’ville chili cream and gremolada

saturday 2.24

mock porchetta, braised cabbage, bucket ranch boon beans, juniper berry & bay

sunday 2.25
mid-day meal
coq au riesling, pearl onions, button mushrooms, baby carrot, creme fraiche and german butter ball potato & herbs



during the colder months our restaurant table 128 is serving our family style prix fixe dinners Friday-Saturday evenings, with a mid-day meal on Sundays….come on by, check out the new fireplace room and enjoy a cup of good cheer.