Boonville Hotel


the laziness of summer settles in

thursday 8.21
boneless chicken thigh "a la plancha"... bay leaf, sherry vinegar, caramelized leek, cherry tomato & feta

friday 8.22
closed for lovin' nuptials

saturday 8.23
grilled lamb shoulder chop... yellow eyed beans, herbs, warm heirloom slicers, savory bread salsa, local goat cheese & chimichuri

sunday 8.24
fresh shucked oysters & paella in the courtyard on the fire

monday 8.25
tea smoked pork ribs... spicy basque ketchup, basmati rice, cherry tomato & cucumber salsa

summer’s happening around us… the hills are golden and the river is cool… come by & watch it happen

we’re serving our normal prix fixe family style dinners thursday, friday, saturday & monday nights… plus mixing it up a bit with oysters & paella on sundays… and a la carte small plates on tuesdays and wednesdays