Boonville Hotel


harvesting everything

thursday 10.2
grilled dg langly pork chop... braised radicchio, soft polenta, blue cheese cream & fried rosemary

friday 10.3
early autumn ratatouille & lamb sirloin... zucchini, sweet pepper, eggplant, tomato, basil & cumin yogurt

saturday 10.4
pan seared flat iron steak... roasted german butterball potato, caramelized red onion & shiitake mushroom, steamed kale & piment d'ville chili cream

sunday 10.5
fresh shucked oysters & paella on the fire in the courtyard

monday 10.6
chicken "al mattone"... braised greens, hand cut pasta, mustard caper cream & gremolada

the season is beginning to change…

we’re serving our normal prix fixe family style dinners thursday, friday, saturday & monday nights… plus mixing it up a bit with oysters & paella on sundays… and a la carte small plates on tuesdays and wednesdays