get to us:

14050 hwy 128 boonville, ca


ship to us:

PO Box 326 boonville, ca 95415

"it's about people, food, drink and a well made bed." 

a modern road house in the heart of mendocino co. 

During the cooler months, we are serving our family style prix fixe dinners

on Friday through Saturday evenings, 

a Sunday proper lunch and

then a Monday dinner a la carte meal.

the restaurant will be closed

December 20 thru the 25th

the restaurant will be open December 26 thru January 5th, check the menu page or give us a call to see what we are offering

halfway to the coast on hwy 128


                                                           we offer

                                            a few small plates

          along with a set menu that changes daily

                            friday & saturday 

                                            seating 6 to 8ish


                 a proper lunch by the fire on sundays

                         monday evenings... a la carte

                                          posted late wednesday

                                    we cook by reservation...

                       give us a call to save your table


a modern road house 

with fifteen unique rooms 

from spacious to cozy

top floor of the hotel or set apart

"simplicity by design"  throughout